Jerry Wright began his career in 1972 when he graduated first in his class from the Lexington, Kentucky Division of Police Academy. In 1973, Jerry was transferred to the specialized Criminal Investigation Section where he served as a Detective in the juvenile unit, robbery homicide unit, commercial burglary unit, career criminal unit and domestic violence unit. Jerry served in those roles from 1973-1986 and was promoted to Sergeant in 1976 and then Lieutenant in 1986. During his time as a Lexington, Kentucky police officer, Jerry achieved numerous accomplishments including:

  • First officer on the Lexington Police Department to be trained as a hostage negotiator at the FBI Academy in 1978.
  • Supervisor of the Hostage unit from 1978-1986.
  • 1980 Graduate of the FBI National Academy, 122nd
  • Developed the first domestic violence unit at the Lexington Police Department and helped to develop and pass laws in Kentucky to further this mission.

During the latter years of his career as a police officer, Jerry decided to go to law school to become a criminal defense attorney after he retired as a police officer. In 1994, after 22 years as a police officer, Jerry retired and entered the practice of law as a full-time criminal defense attorney. Jerry Wright’s vast experience as a police officer for over 20 years and a defense attorney for over 25 years gives him unprecedented knowledge to defend criminal cases.

Jerry is a 1983 graduate of Eastern Kentucky University where he obtained a degree in Police Administration and Business Administration with distinction. He obtained his law degree from Chase College of Law in 1991 and is admitted to the Kentucky Bar and the Federal Eastern District Kentucky bar. Jerry is married to Retired Fayette / Lexington, Kentucky Circuit Judge Rebecca M. Overstreet and they enjoy spending their spare time with their dogs and grandchildren.